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Comphy Sheets at the Hacienda del Sol B&B
Comphy Sheets

  • Looks and feels like 600 count cotton.
  • Performance fabric assures breathability and comfort.
  • Eco-friendly micro-fiber is 100% recyclable.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Does not require ironing. Treated for stain release
  • Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
  • Extra fine weave protects against dust mite allergens.
  • 18" deep pockets fit newer pillow top mattresses.
  • Set includes one fitted, one flat and two pillowcases.
  • Recent literature reports performance fabric as the current trend in bed linens.In fact, 19 out of 25 home bed sheets introduced to the market in 2008 contained some form of improved fiber, chemical application, or weaving technology.

We offer Free Shipping within the United States, exlcuding Hawaii and Alaska. Comphy Sheets feel like luxurious high count cotton but are actually made from a breathable high performance micro-fiber. Comphy Sheets are available in these five colors and a variety of sizes. If you would like to purchase Comphy Sheets please click on the button above. White
Chocolate Brown
Silver Blue
Silver Blue
Tea Green
Tea Green



Comphy Co. Sheet Dimensions:

California King: Flat 108 x 112, Fitted 72 x 84

King: Flat 112 x 108, Fitted 78 x 80

Queen: Flat 96 x 108, Fitted 60 x 80

Full: Flat 82 x 97, Fitted 54 x 75

Twin: Flat 67 x 97, Fitted 39 x 75

Twin XL:  Flat 67 x 97, Fitted 39 x 80

What is the thread count? Silks and engineered fabrics do not use thread count as a measure. Thread count is a tool developed by the cotton industry to help consumers evaluate sheets. Linen industry leaders, government agencies and retailers are recommending abandoning thread count and in its stead suggesting we should judge sheets by how they feel.

Does it breathe? Yes. The fabric and other performance fabrics are woven in such a way to allow air to move freely through it. Performance fabric is a fabric that provides functional qualities to the consumer, such as moisture management, antimicrobial, and allergen protection.

Will I sweat? No. Poly microfiber is the fabric of choice for athletic teams and outdoor wear companies such as Patagonia.

Will stains come out? We treat our fabric with a stain release process manufactured by one of the world's largest manufacturers.

What type of detergent should be used to get rid of stains? The sheets are pre-treated to release stains, however if there is a stubborn stain then we recommend Spray 'n Wash or Shout.

What is the filling in the quilted blanket? This too is a microfiber, insuring durability and is non-allergenic.

Where are the products made? Our fabric is woven and sewn by a small family run business in China.

Is there a warranty? The sheets are guaranteed for 300 washes.


Comphy Co Laundry Instructions


Pre-treat stains:  following instructions for product concentration and treatment times

Do not wash linen with other items such as towels

Use commercial grade laundry detergent

Comphy Co recommends adding Tide Stain Release in Wash Booster

Sparingly use liquid fabric softener to control static electricity build up and improve wrinkle free appearance. (Alternative methods mentioned are to add a cup of white vinegar to the wash or tossing a clean, unused tennis ball in the dryer during drying)

Wash on Permanent Press cycle using hot water and cool or cold water rinse

Use slow spin cycle if available

Non chlorine bleach may be used



Set dryer on permanent press cycle, medium heat with cool down cycle

Remove promptly and fold


 We will accept returns provided an authorization has been given and provided it is an Eligible Item for return.
Authorization: Contact us by either e-mail or telephone within seven days of receipt of item(s) if you are requesting a return authorization (RA).  Unless previously agreed, there will be a 10% restocking fee.
Shipping: Unless previously agreed, the customer is responsible for the shipping expense on returned item(s).
Refunds: The Comphy Co. processes refunds within three working days after receipt of the returned item(s) in accordance with the terms and conditions of the RA.
Eligible Items:
A.  Any item that is defective in either sewing or fabric within one year of receipt by customer
B.   Any item that has not been removed from its original wrapping 
C.   Any regular (not custom-made) item
Non-Eligible Items:
A.   Sheets and/or pillowcases are not eligible for return if they have been used.  Under health and hygiene regulations these products cannot be resold.
B.   Custom-made items
C.   Items used in a manner for which they were not intended